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A major impediment to widespread, popular space development is the cost of getting to orbit. NASA and the US Air Force have proposed many programs over the years to try and develop low-cost boosters (Advanced Launch System, National Launch System, single stage to orbit vehicles, etc.) but either the support to finance them was lacking or the technology was immature. Some would point out that government-run programs have little incentive to produce a truly low-cost system.

The alternative is a number of small commercial companies, often collectively referred to "NewSpace". These entrepreneurial firms are free to implement a booster design of their own liking, without the bureaucracy that often accompanies government programs. Until a true market develops for private rides to orbit, however, these firms will still have the government as their primary customer. That puts constraints on how different than can really operate.

Certainly the NewSpace companies are doing interesting things. Some are doing them very quietly, one could even say secretly. Some have failed. Here's a list of several of these companies.

Mojave Space Port - Commercial Space Port

Space Adventures - Tourist/Travel Services to Space

Virgin Galactic - is part of Richard Branson's Virgin Group and a major standout among the NewSpace firms. They are preparing to offer sub-orbital tourist flights as well as suborbital science missions and eventually orbital missions.

XCor - is developing reusable rockets as well as the Lynx tourist spaceship for a Sub-Orbital Space Tourist Service.

Armadillo Aerospace - is a Texas company developing a spaceship for a Sub-Orbital Space Tourist Service

Blue Origin - is another company funded by an internet billionaire, this time Jeff Bezos of Amazon. They have a lot of the team that developed the DC-X Single Stage to Orbit (SSTO) testbed and are developing a similar vehicle, New Shepard.

SpaceX - This is certainly the most successful of the NewSpace companies.  Established in 2002 by internet mogul Elon Musk, they have developed two orbital rockets and demonstrated a capsule design to service the space station.

Advent Launch Services - They proposed a reusable launch system and competed in the Ansari X-prize competition.  Their website is still functioning but the latest entry is from 2008.

Ad Astra Rocket Company - Developing the VASIMIR rocket engine

Bigelow Aerospace - Funded by hotel businessman Robert Bigelow in 1998, they focus on inflatable orbital habitats and are having some success.  They have already launched 2 habitats that are still in orbit providing a wealth of information.  A full-size station is due by 2014.

Masten Space Systems - VTO Spacecraft specifically a lunar landing craft.

MIT BioSuit spacesuit - A new kind of space suit design.

For a more complete list, see this Wikepedia page:

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Garden Pool - Fish + Plants = self-regenerative biome

QuadroCopter - the new Telepresence!


Mechanics of Orbit - Configure your own planet, or view existing ones

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